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Environmental Scans

Each year, AgriFood Skills Australia developed the Environmental Scan – the ‘early warning system’ for Australia’s vocational education and training system and governments on industry’s skill and workforce development needs.

Based on real-time views and evidence from across the country, it sets out the factors impacting on the shape and capability of Agrifood’s workforce, and how well the VET system, its products and services are responding – and importantly, what needs to happen to improve outcomes for industry.

Industry Reports

AgriFood engaged the Nous Group in 2014 to undertake a key research task identified by industry in a succession of our annual Environmental Scans.

The report explores emerging agrifood business-models and structures across the supply chain and, most particularly, how current knowledge-transfer models need to align to better meet the needs of industry.

The approach taken draws together expert opinions from industry leaders, exemplar case studies and the latest offerings of contemporary research to crystallise exactly what is happening in the agriculture and food industries.

Annual Reports

Food and Agribusiness Solutions (previously known as AgriFood Skills Australia) published an Annual Report, detailing key company activities, projects and initiatives for the reporting period, including financial reports.